Where Is My Head At?

The year 2018 has been a year of actual, concrete changes. Where it has been a really intensive and overwhelming experience, I feel like life has finally starting to move forward. Feeling like being stuck can be a really helpless and toxicating place and challenge your mindset.

I have changed careers, learned a lot about fitness and also helped many people to achieve their fitnessgoals too -  quite rewarding feeling! From my personal life, I have also finally found my good circle of friends who are so dear to me. They are so motivated, success-driven, but also keep reminding me to be the best version of myself when I have been feeling low. I have felt really loved which is not self-evident.
Still, I have noticed that this new phase of life has made me to look back at my past with a different eyes. The feelings I have gone through whilst facing things from my past, has left me feeling angry and anxious which is confusing regarding how well life is now at the end of the day. I've no…

My Air Yoga Experience

"Looks fun!" I first thought, when I saw a glimpse of an aerial yoga class and people swinging up in the air, twisted in a purple lining. Well, I'm not the only one who thinks that as the aerial yoga classes seem to be always so full...

Despite's yoga's popularity, I have had to admit several times that it is just not for me. It is too slow-paced and despite it can be really intense and it is good for practising your focus and breathing tecqhnique, I find the more up-beat exercises best way for me to decrease the stress. However, there was something about aerial yoga, that wanted me to give it a go. I have always loved heights and rollercoasters, so I thought hanging out in the air would give the regular yoga-class an extra kick. Before I went to the class, I talked with a client who said that the class made him feel sea sick and that's why he preferred regular yoga.
After BodyPump, I decided to sneak in the aerial yoga class as there was a little bi…

Cuddles and Insecurities

THIS is the type of weather I feel the most productive in: the cripsy, sunny Autumn-weather and cozy cuddly-nights (but only when you've managed to get back home on time before the rain). The best thing about Autumn is that all the people seem to have more drive after the summer, and things seem to go forward...

Yesterday was a really weird day. I woke-up feeling really grateful and happy, but everything I tried to do, didn't quite go like planned :D However, I did try not to focus on those things  that didn't work out too much, I just kept going. I was at the gym, filming an exercise-tutorials for my clients and then I was supposed to go to Asda. I had my friend over the previous day and we were up till so late that I felt already sleepy when I opened my eyes in the morning! I still managed to go to Asda, and I wanted to get a shopping cart because I knew I'm gonna buy a looooots of food for the next week for my meal prep. I'm about to go get some cash, when my ca…

Did Going To University Secure Me A Brighter Future (Part 3/3)

Throughout my life, I had always lived in an understanding that the more you invest in your education, the higher chances you'll have to get a higher pay, etc. Coming from a family, where everyone has a higher level of education, I felt so much pressure when I got back from the New York. Starting my studies at uni, gave me some peace of mind, eventhough in the UK scale I was a little bit old to start uni (20). Where in the UK people start uni usually 18-19 years old, in Finland the school system goes a bit differently. Plus, I got a scholarship from an acting school in Los Angeles, where I decided to move in middle of my uni studies.  For some reason this 1-2 year age gap felt so massive to me, and now I'm like what I've been stressing about :D

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When I was a kid, I also noticed that those kids whose parents were highly educated came from the "better income families". Eventhough I have had always a clear idea and a strong mind what I want to do &q…

Did Going To University Secure Me A Brighter Future (Part 2/3)

(....continues. PT 2/3) 
Everything happend really fast from the moment I pressed the "submit" button of my university application to the moment when I arrived to UK - it all happened only in three weeks of time! Therefore I didn't really have time to feel scared or nerveous. Despite I had visited UK prior as a tourist (and yes, I spent 3 weeks as an exchange student in a British family in Oxford when I was younger, lol), still it was a new country for me overall. 

I still remember quite clearly the day of my arrival: There were people with those signs at the airport, and I got to meet immediately other international students. Once the bus arrived to my destination (I was studying in the Southern of England), I remember how nice the tax driver was and he was telling me about his life in the city I was about to move and about the UK culture as well. I have this tendency always end up in discussion with tax drivers and I love to hear their craziest tax-stories from their c…