What A Messy Week!

I'm so happy the new week has started. The last week made me feel the range of emotions through different events which left me so drained! Now it's a new week, same goals and new energy and I couldn't be happier about that.

I have been suffering from insomnia for years now, and depending of my life situation it gets better or worst. Last week, it seemed to take a total U-turn, as I felt so exhausted that even opening my eyelids or responding messages made me feel like having a nap. My appetite was in minimum, and it started to be really disturbing as I don't have time/afford to feel tired. Well, on Tuesday I got shocking news regarding my health conditions and the whole day went panicking about the results. In panic, I called back to my doctor in Finland (even I haven't been living there for 3 years) and she was so sweet, still trying to help me out eventho I live in a different country. When something like this personal came up, my first reaction was just to call …

Esquared - Fitness On Demand: Trying out Reformer Pilates

The busy life in the big cities is not only an urban myth - it is not a secret, that in big metropolitans people are joggling between their jobs, dating, relationships, hobbies and families to fulfil the criterias of an urban super-human. Therefore it's no wonder, that the gym-session feels the most easier part to skip. After January's fitness-boom, many people end up just funding their local gym out of kindess, without even showing up there physically.

Nowadays gyms offer such a great variety of different classes, depending of your needs and personal goals. When I was working in the City myself, I always wanted to try pilates and yoga - not only it would help me to get nice, lean muscles and increase my flexibility, but due the aspect of mindfulness, it would also help me to focus on my daily job better! However, I never seemed to find the time to go the class at my gym. All the pilates classes were hold at times, that didn't suit in my schedule. Also, I didn't want t…